Welcome to my humble blog of DIYs and simple craft. Here you can find all my creation of hand stitch products and sometimes something random. This blog is solely for me to share all my creations and for you to see. :) Certain items are for sale so that I could earn back capital to buy back more materials. I do take donation of materials such as cloths, scrap cloths, old usable t-shirts, or any from of items that could be reuse for DIYs. For more inquiries do email me at chabbywabbit@gmail.com

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About Me


I'm Jo. :) You must be wondering why did I create this blog? Well, you see I love creating new things out of scraps or old t-shirts and sew small things like pouch for phones or ipods, even any basic casings. Since I have made a few items, I'll sell the extras. If you have any questions just email me at chabbywabbit@gmail.com

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