Welcome to my humble blog of DIYs and simple craft. Here you can find all my creation of hand stitch products and sometimes something random. This blog is solely for me to share all my creations and for you to see. :) Certain items are for sale so that I could earn back capital to buy back more materials. I do take donation of materials such as cloths, scrap cloths, old usable t-shirts, or any from of items that could be reuse for DIYs. For more inquiries do email me at chabbywabbit@gmail.com

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Donations & Sponsoring

Hey guys,

If your reading this page then you must want to donate items to me eh? LOL! YES, I take donations of items listed below:

1. T-shirts: those that are still usable and preferred XL size.
2. Scrap cloths: All your leftover fabrics
3. Buttons: those from your shirts, pants, shoes and any form of decorative materials that are still usable.
4. Zips: if you have them.

Thats all i need for now, but if u have other things that u think might interest me, do email me at chabbywabbit@gmail.com

Let's help to keep the earth alive...reuse and recycle..


For those who would like to be my sponsors, you may email me and may be we could work out something. Usually I would advertise for free but if you are kind enough to sponsor me items, I would do more then just post your blog or links on my humble blog. :D We shall discuss in private on how you would like me to spared the word of your good name. I own a personal Facebook with active 819 friends still counting, a tumbler  and twitter account. So I would use these to advertise..:)

Well don't forget to EMAIL ME!! ^-^ chabbywabbit@gmail.com


  1. I'll rummage through my Mum stuffs and see what I can find! :) Haha, no worries, I'll ask her permission prolly won't use anymore. Will take some time, some things are boxed away.

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