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Saturday, April 17, 2010


i'm no pro in doing nail art but this is as far as i would do for my nails. i know it's a little lame but yeah, i mean which girl in the world wont wish that they have lovely nails and fingers like most actresses or those hand models. I DO!!
i got my inspiration to deal with my nails after going through one of my favorite nail art/polish blogger. Toxic Lipstick she just have the loveliest nails. i know they could be extensions...but a girl cant dream? i'm just lazy to do nail extensions! they are so hard to work with!
The best ones that i like from Toxic Lipstick is 

there are more lovely colors in her blog!! i know what you think...jo's girlie...=_=" but...but...they are Gothic...just check the blog...you'll know what i mean...:)

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