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Sunday, October 17, 2010

:) yes i did it again...

A Few week ago i bought mustard color pants with white color polka-dots from a friend's thrift second hand box for RM10. I went home to try it and it didn't look appealing to me...warning fat tummy a head....

lol i told you so...here's the close up on the pattern

it's not yellow...it's mustard...:) after revamping the pants, it looked like this...

:) i know i looked fat..lol but i love the top...lol photo above was taken by Fafa at the Runway101 season 2 Finale. She said it's for tongue in chic lol. Oh here's another photo by Lisia...

 lol...that's how you rock Mustard color with white polka-dots!!


  1. hi, i'm new here. but i am wowed by your creativity. FYI, i have zero knowledge on sewing and making dresses etc, but seeing people like you has inspired me to try. Now i'm looking for a good sewing machine. Do you have some suggestions? How do you learn to sew and cut patterns? I'm clueless. Lols...


  2. Hey Betty,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Some of the things i do are just alteration of items i didn't sew them myself. :) Most of the things u see here are hand sew, they are the simple type. You can learn them online or look for books on sewing. Most of them teaches the basics. As for pattern cutting, I didn't really have any. I just measure the size i wanted and cut them accordingly. :)...Sewing machine? What i have now is a very simple one. It only cost me RM99. Its a mini portable sewing Machine. :)

    thanks for reading.