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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation gifts

There you have it.....the mini sewing machine was a gift from my dad....and the book was a gift to myself. For my graduation gift, :) i really wanted to learn to sew more stuff....:)

Even though the sewing machine is small it helped me a lot...:)


  1. hello Joanna, i love your machine with purple color on it, mine gray hehee and u know what, they gave me a wrong adapter so i cant use it and i could not find the guy at 1U shop :(( .. may you advise or show me your adapter so i could look elsewhere to get it and i was looking for this sewing book, and may i know where you get that book - cant find it at popular or mph ^^ and thanks .. happy sewing gal <3

  2. :) I got my mini machine from sungaiwang. I think it's the entrance near to lot10. :) The book i bought from Pavilion, Times mag shop. :) thanks you too...