Welcome to my humble blog of DIYs and simple craft. Here you can find all my creation of hand stitch products and sometimes something random. This blog is solely for me to share all my creations and for you to see. :) Certain items are for sale so that I could earn back capital to buy back more materials. I do take donation of materials such as cloths, scrap cloths, old usable t-shirts, or any from of items that could be reuse for DIYs. For more inquiries do email me at chabbywabbit@gmail.com

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorry for being Missing...:)

It's been awhile since i updated this page...its hard to come up with new things to do, every time i get home from work i got really tired. So it's been slow. :) well here are few items that was done before i was too in to my day job...=_=" how i wish i could just stay home and sew...sew....sew...sew!!!

needle case

wallet case for Eliza

my sling bag

simple PU bag

I had fun sewing all of them :) and i am glad that i have readers...lol

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